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Worth Your Mile Mission


We started this company on the premise that we will continually strive to provide a better experience for runners simply by listening to what they say.  Worth Your Mile Running is a organization built for runners by runners.  Taking the extra time to understand the desires and needs the running community is thirsty for and building it into our races.  Every day we strive towards these goals in the hopes of adding value to the running community.  We seek out and value constructive criticism and ask for ways to improve upon what we do.  Every race page has a Feedback button that allows you to make suggestions that would enhance the race experience.

We only get better when you provide us information.  Please take 2-5 minutes to complete the survey at this link. 

Worth Your Dollar Charity

Starting in 2023, all of our races will help to raise funds for a specific cause and charity.  With 10 races on the calendar, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact in our world.  While signing up for races to get swag or food is great and absolutely justified, getting that swag and food while also helping those who are less fortunate is even better.  $1 = $2 is the slogan for 2024.  For every $1 you contribute, Worth Your Mile Running will contribute a matching $1 to the selected cause for that race.  We will evaluate this approach every year and grow the donation as our races grown in attendance.  To learn more about Worth Your Dollar Charity and the chosen causes, please visit the Charity Page.

Worth Your Mile Partners

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