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Coaching Philisophy

  • You are a Person First, Then a Runner: No one is only a runner. Whether you are a new parent, juggling a busy job and training, or simply trying to run your best (and not run yourself into the ground), I work with you to optimize the balance of running and life. 

  • Develop a Well-Rounded Base: In order to run well, you need to have a robust aerobic base, speed base, and strength base – whether your goal is a fast 5K or your first marathon. My running coach philosophy focuses on developing this base for new athletes – and continually improving it for experienced runners between races.

  • Specificity Matters – But Not Too Much: I use non-linear periodization and the principle of specificity. During base-building or when you are far out from a goal race, we focus on improving all aspects of your running: endurance, speed, lactate threshold, economy, and strength. In the key weeks before a race, we focus on preparing you for the unique physiological and mental demands of that distance. 

  • Sustainability: Injury, more than anything, prevents you from running your personal best. My training plans adapt as you progress, meaning you never stumble into the land of overtraining or burnout. My run coaching programs include cutback weeks, recovery runs, sustainable mileage, the appropriate ratio of hard and easy runs, strength training, and core work to keep you injury free from day one until you cross the finish line and beyond. 

  • Every Workout has a Purpose: Training is not a hodgepodge. I assign every run with a purpose in mind, both in terms of your individual needs and in terms of the desired physiological goals.​


  • Running Should Be Enjoyable, Even if you have race goals: A happy runner runs well. In order to foster enjoyment, I consider your strengths, your preferences, and more to foster a plan that you both enjoy and thrive in.


  • Research-Backed Methods: Running is both an art and a science. Each workout you receive has a specific, scientifically-supported purpose. My training does not follow trends, but rather adheres to the time-tested knowledge of some of the greatest minds in running. My training plans take a pragmatic approach to achieving your goals while still maintaining a sense of fun and joy in your training.


As an RRCA Certified Coach, you are guaranteed that you will be working with someone who is absolutely prepared to answer all your questions and help you to run your goal race and succeed.

Coaching Services


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