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Date : Sunday September 08, 2024
Time : All Runners start at 8:00am CT

Location : Johnson's Mound
41W600 Hughes Road, Elburn IL 60119


Misery on the Mound is an Elimination style race that is run at the Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve in Elburn IL.  Athletes will have 40 minutes to complete a 2.58 mile course that includes paved road, dirt road open prairie and a 200ft hill that rises over the rolling preserve around it.  There are 3 different options for participants of this race.

The 2 hour option has you completing 3 loops (8:00am, 8:40am, 9:20am) for a total of 7.35 miles and over 600ft of elevation gain on the mound.

The 4 hour option has you completing 6 loops (8:00am, 8:40am, 9:20am, 10:00am, 10:40am, 11:20am) for a total of 14.70 miles and 1200ft of elevation gain on the mound.

The 6 hour option has you completing 9 loops (8:00am, 8:40am, 9:20am, 10:00am, 10:40am, 11:20am, 12:00pm, 12:40pm, 1:20pm) for a total of 22.05 miles and 1800ft of elevation gain on the mound.

With the race starting at 8:00am sharp, any participant not at the start line when the next loop begins will be considered eliminated.

For additional fun there will be timing mats at the base and top of the hill.  Awards will be provided based on completion times on the climb.  Not all awards will be based on fastest times to provide opportunity for all runners to possibly win a prize.


All participants who sign up for the 6 hour elimination run will have the chance to claim the Last Man Standing Award.  

After the 9th loop, you can choose to run additional loops as follows:


Starting with loop 10, we will lower the requirement by which the runners needs to return to the start for the next loop by 2 minutes (38 minutes for loop 10, 36 for loop 11, 34 for loop 12, and so on).  We will continue this until only on person remains as the Last Man Standing.



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2 Hour Option

Super Early Bird
Ends Apr 01
, 2024

Early Bird
Ends Aug 13
, 2024

Regular Price after
Aug 13, 2024


4 Hour Option

Super Early Bird
Ends Apr 01, 2024

Early Bird
Ends Aug 13, 2024

Regular Price after
Aug 13, 2024

6 Hour Option

Super Early Bird
Ends Apr 01, 2024

Early Bird
Ends Aug 13, 2024

Regular Price after
Aug 13, 2024

6 Hour Option (LRS)

Super Early Bird
Ends Apr 01, 2024

Early Bird
Ends Aug 13, 2024

Regular Price after
Aug 13, 2024


Race Day Calendar

​06:30 AM : Packet Pickup and Race Day Registration Opens

All Time Options Begin at 08:00 AM

08:00 AM : Loop 1 Begins 

08:40 AM : Loop 2 Begins

09:20 AM : Loop 3 Begins

10:00 AM : Loop 4 Begins

10:40 AM : Loop 5 Begins

11:20 AM : Loop 6 Begins

12:00 PM : Loop 7 Begins

12:40 PM : Loop 8 Begins

01:00 PM : Loop 9 Begins

02:00 PM : Race Ends 

Event Calendar

02/10/2024 : Registration Opens

04/01/2024 : Price Increase
08/14/2024:  Last Day to Register and guarantee Race SWAG

08/14/2024:  Last Price Increase
09/07/2024:  Online Registration Closes

Packet Pickup



Race SWAG still being determined



2 Hours Finishers



4 Hours Finishers



6 Hours Finishers



Last Runner Standing

The person who survives to the end or all elimination rounds


Johnsons Mound - Course Map.png

The 2.58 mile course starts at the end of the parking lot and runs up the grass to the paved road.  Runners will enter the preserve area where the trail will take you to an open prairie.  Half way through the open field, you will hit the 1 mile mark and begin the path back to the preserve and the road.  Just before you hit mile 2, you will begin your ascent up the 200 foot hill which covers .33 miles in total distance.  Timing mats will be found at the base and top of the hill.  You will finish your loop with a steep decent before you turn back to the start/finish.


There is limited parking at Johnson's Mound.  Once all the parking spots are taken, we will have vans shuttling runners from Kaneland Blackberry Creek Elementary School parking lot.  Shuttles will run from 6:30am until 7:45am as often as possible.

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What if I can't come to the race?

Worth Your Mile Running is committed to providing an excellent running experience and although we do not provide refunds for races under any circumstances, we understand life does have a way of changing your plans and do allow participants to transfer their registration to another runner.  Instructions on how to complete this process can be found in the registration pages.

Transfers will be allowed for races of the same distance or a shorter distance.  Transfers to longer distances can be done with the new participant paying the difference between the races costs based on the cost at the time of the transfer and not at the time of the original purchase.  There will be a $2.00 transfer fee for all transfers.

What if the weather is bad?
The race will be held regardless of weather with the exception of lightning, which will delay the start and will be a race day decision.  
Is there race day packet pickup?
Yes. There is only race day packet pickup for this event this year and can arrive as early as 6:30am

Are pacers allowed?

Pacers for this race are not allowed.  Runners who are found running with someone that is not a registered participant will have their results nullified.

What if I do not complete a loop in the allowed time?

Any participant that is not in the start box at the designated time for the start of the next loop will be eliminated regardless of the reason.  You are welcome to continue to run but you will not be eligible for the finishers SWAG and your results will be listed as DNF.

Can I still run if I am late for the race?

Yes, we will allow you to run but your official results will be DNS and you will be ineligible for finisher SWAG.  See rule above.


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