Date : Saturday August 27, 2022
Time : All Runners start at 6:00pm CT

Location : Prairie Point Community Park
4120 Plainfield Rd, Oswego, IL 60543

*Location Pending Approvals

The Dog Days of Summer is a Timed Race held in August in the SW suburbs of the Chicagoland area with three (3) different time options.  In our inaugural year, we have a 4 hour, 6 hour and 12 hour timed race run on a 1.6 mile loop that you repeat as many times as you can in the time allowed.  The race has been organized to benefit the Rover Rescue foundation.  As the name implies, there will be dogs of all kinds at the race for you to see, pet and love and even possibly adopt.   


Rover Rescue is a network of volunteer foster homes and does not have a central shelter.  There is no application needed to complete.  All you need to do to meet a dog is to contact or speak with the person listed at the end of the dog’s biography which is usually the foster home. This person will help you decide if the dog would be a good match for your family and if so then set up a time for your family to meet the dog.  

Race Day Schedule

Saturday August 27, 2022
​04:30 PM : Packet Pickup and Race Day Registration Opens
05:00 PM : Rover Rescue Arrives with Shelter Animals
05:45 PM : Packet Pickup and Race Day Registration Closes
06:00 PM : ALL Races Start
10:00 PM : 4 Hour Race Ends
Midnight : 6 Hour Race Ends

Sunday August 28, 2022
06:00 AM – 12 Hour Race Ends


The Inaugural Dog Days of Summer races will take place on August 27, 2022 in Oswego, IL and will feature a 4, 6 and 12 hour option. Participants will get to enjoy an Pet inspired theme with animals available for adoption as well as food, drinks, music and a lively atmosphere.

4 Hour Option

Super Early Bird
Ends Feb 1, 2022

Early Bird
Ends May 31, 2022

Regular Price after June 1, 2022


6 Hour Option

Super Early Bird
Ends Feb 1, 2022

Early Bird
Ends May 31, 2022

Regular Price after June 1, 2022

12 Hour Option

Super Early Bird
Ends Feb 1, 2022

Early Bird
Ends May 31, 2022

Regular Price after
June 1, 2022


The races will take runners on 1.62 mile paved loop around Prairie Point Park in Oswego, IL.  The course will be well marked and manned with volunteers at important areas and well lit.  Runners will travel in the clockwise direction starting at the back of Prairie Point Elementary School.  The course is completely flat and wide open so runners are visible in all areas of the course.

The Start/Finish area will have a timing mat that you will need to cross to ensure you receive credit for the loop you completed.  You can proceed to run straight into the next loop or you can take a quick right hand turn into Aid Station / Pit Row.

At Aid Station / Pit Row you will find hydration, food, snacks and most importantly, Doggies!!  You can stop to give the pups some love while you feed yourself before you press on to your next loop.  Foods you are likely to see at Aid Station Row is provided below.





  • REQUIRED:  Bring a headlamp for the race. We don't know your comfort levels with running in darkness. Even though the path will be lit with some lights, it's still dark. It's not perfect lighting for seeing anything that might be an obstruction or bad footing for you. Keep in mind that you will be running through the night, so common sense should play a factor here. You can always just leave your headlamp in your drop bag after a couple loops if you're okay with it. 

  • Yes, you can have Crew and Pacers.  Crew can set up in any area, unless it is considered a restricted area as marked by signs. There are plenty of grassy areas along the course.

  • Pacers should keep in mind that the path is not very wide and everyone should practice proper running etiquette when running side by side and passing.

  • Aid Station is off limits to crew and pacers unless you're getting aid for your runner – The aid station is for timed event runners only.

  • 4-6-12 hour runners can place their drop bags under the Drop Bag canopies near the Start/Finish line.  All bags should be clearly marked with name, race, and bib number

  • The park has permitted us to allow runners to bring their own canopy or camping tents, chairs, and coolers starting Saturday afternoon around 12:00 pm

  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items

  • Transfer and Refund Policy: Bib Transfers will be allowed up to 24 hours prior to race start.  Transfers must be done via email to the race director at jdelrisco13@comcast.net.  There are NO refunds for the race.